Quimica (13)

Have a great day World! Here at Hegemonicon we welcome all the people who wish to increase their chemistry knowledge through the use of the amazing periodic table. Yes, Dmitri Mendeleev’s invention in 1869 that enlightened the way for a better form of looking at the chemical elements present in our nature. Easy to understand from whatever side people look at it, this incredible table reflects an organization from both horizontal and vertical positions, enclosing the elements in groups where they share several related attributes, mostly in their chemical way to react.

During his life, Mendeleev also talked predictively on paper about the presence of more chemical elements than the ones he put into his original grid. He even named them, and later they were found to really exist, and then they received the names they have now like gallium and scandium; and his studies were later perfected at a bigger scale when the influence of protons and electrons were seen and then it was proven that the atomic numbers are more determinant than the atomic weight of each chemical element in order to know what position they belonged to. You can learn more about this here at Hegemonicon.